Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrity Free Tattoo gallery

Christina Ricci

The child star probably is most well known for her role as Wednesday in the Addam's Family movies has several tattoos of her own. Christina's tattoos range from text tattoos, to traditional tattoos, to girly tattoos and so on.

Christina Ricci

Here's a list of Christina's tattoos:

1. A lion on her right shoulder blade. It is suppose to be Aslan from the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Which was one of Christina's favorite books as a child.
2. A fairy on the inside of her right wrist.
3. Praying hands on her left hip, which used to be a bat.
4. A bouquet of sweetpeas on her lower back.
5. The words "Move or Bleed" on the left side of her ribcage.
6. The name "Jack" on her right thigh for a dead pet.
7. A sparrow on her right breast.
8. A mermaid on her left ankle.

Christina Ricci has confessed her love for tattoos, but knows that being an actress in Hollywood you have to be careful where you get your tattoos. As of right now all her tattoos are in places that can be covered up fairly easily. Because a lot of time producers in movies do not like their actress's to be covered in tattoos, because it is a pain to have to cover them up with make up if their clothes do not cover them up. However, Christina is hoping that she will become super famous one day so she can get a tattoo on her arm.

"I can't wait until I'm super-famous. I'm at the point when I should really hide them, because directors don't like them. When I'm really, really super famous, I'm going to get one on my arm - because nobody cares then.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

One of the more popular types of ink is the tribal butterfly tattoo. Unlike the traditional butterfly tattoo, which is usually "pretty", the tribal style butterfly tattoo tends to be more design oriented by nature. This is not to say that they are not beautiful. Many designs are elaborate and very sexy.

There are many options available for a tribal butterfly tattoo. This is one of the huge benefits of using the tribal design incorporated into traditional tattoos. First of all, the chances of seeing someone else with the same tattoo will be drastically reduced. Plus, you can incorporate other symbols or patterns into your design to add depth to the meaning of your tattoo.

Another thing to consider is that if you get a tribal butterfly tattoo, you don't have use colors if you don't want to. One color tattoos, black work or black and gray work are often the top choice for some. Over time, some inks fade. There have been great advances to eliminate this problem, but it will always exist due to poor quality inks, inexperienced tattoo artist or even skin pigmentation.

Some people think that females are the only ones attracted towards the tribal butterfly tattoo, but I've actually seen some great pieces that were inked on men. I'm not sure that I would go that route myself, but hey that's the great part about tattoos. You can express yourself in any way that you want to. Usually tribal tattoos have a masculine energy about them because of their bold, thick lines. But in the case of the tribal butterfly tattoo, for example, they are versatile and they tend to look very good on women as well.

here are many things that a tribal butterfly tattoo can symbolize, and there are many variations. Now I'm not so sure that they hold magic powers, but in some cultures, still to this day, tribal tattoos are believed to posses such power. For example, in some tribes, a boy is assigned a totem animal during his rites of passage. Their belief is/was that the wearer inherits some of the powers of his totem animal by wearing a tattoo of such animal.

So, if you are looking for a cool tribal butterfly tattoo or other tribal tattoo ideas for yourself or a friend, you should take your time and make a wise choice. This is a lifetime commitment. Don't decide on a particular tattoo design after just looking at few hundred sketches. There are thousands and thousands of examples and ideas that are easy to find online. There are many membership websites that offer abundant selections from professional tattoo artists and flash artists. The membership fee is usually affordable and worth the money when doing your research for your next piece of body art!